"Awesome !! Such a super fun class with a fabulous teacher , popular and old schools songs you can sing along with while sweating it out! "

- Sapna Manhattan


"I didn't think it was possible to love dance more than I already did, but then I took Namrata's cardio bollywood class. Words won't do justice to how much fun her classes are - you've GOT TO try it out for yourself! Her classes have become my biggest stress buster and I highly recommend it for everybody"

- Taniya Dudani


"Such a fun and energetic class! You will definitely sweat and burn those calories! The music and the instructor are great motivation! I can't get enough of this class and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a have a good time while working out!!!!"

- Patricia Sewak


"If you are looking for a high intensity AND fun cardio/dance class, you should absolutely give Beauty and a Beat a try. I had a blast in my first class and even brought a buddy to my second class. I talked about the class to everyone I saw that week, saying what fun - and what a great workout! I love a class where I'm so into what I'm doing that I don't look at the clock to see when it will be over! The instructor does go thru the movements slowly first, and then we pick it up and "hit" the high energy moves. I found this to be pretty easy to follow (though I look a bit uncoordinated for parts!)"

- Caroline P.


"My coworker and I took the Bollywood cardio class today, through class pass. I definitely recommend this if you want to listen to some great mixes, learn some cool dance moves, all while definitely feeling a sweat from a workout - without feeling like it is one! I like how steps were broken down and you didn't feel any pressure to be perfect. I want to definitely come back through class pass!"

- Krutika D.


"This class was a really fun, high energy workout.  While I certainly wasn't a natural at the moves, I felt like I could follow with the general idea until I got the hang of it.  The more complicated moves were broken down and taught at a slower pace.  Regardless of my grace, or lack there of, this was a great workout that was also a total blast.  By the end the whole class was bopping and hopping in unison to the beat, not to mention sweating our butts off!"

- Elka G.